Update: I'm Out

Yeah, I’m still hanging in there. More or less. Always pretending that the next year is going to be a great year.


Well, 2020 started out really rough.


Quick recap: I remember that particular workout really well. It was after our conference race. We had a long run two days earlier and I already felt sluggish. During the warm-up my hip started hurting but I pushed through it and did the drills without complaining. It was a track workout. 6x1000m. Well, I finished the first one. The last 200m were hell. I can remember that I said: It feels like my body is breaking into two parts.


Well, always trust your feeling. I’ll come back to that later.


I told Coach and he ignored me for the rest of the workout. I just stood there, trying not to cry, and watched my teammate doing her job. I asked to get a ride back from the track to school. “You can’t run back?” asked my Coach. I had trouble catching up to Coach just walking. I couldn’t bear any weight on my right leg and was limping pretty badly. The car was parked almost 1k away and I just wanted to lay on the side of the road.


Anyways, I made it somehow. Our athletic trainer didn’t know what to do. For the next 11 weeks he and a doctor told me it would be either bursitis or an inflammation of the hamstring.


The pain got better but my running attempts always ended after 1 minute with a lot of pain.


I finally got an MRI. The next day the athletic trainer told me: You have a stress fracture of your pubic ramus.

Great. Thanks to my anatomy class last semester I know where it is located.


1% of all stress fracture occur there.


That's honestly the worst injury I've had so far.


I was surprisingly not that surprised when she told me. I knew something was wrong.


That means:

No biking. No elliptical. No kicking while swimming. And, obviously, no running. For an unknown time period.

In fact, no to the things I like doing the most, that keep me sane, and take up a great proportion of my day.


Well, we'll see how that works out.

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