Week #1: Encomium to Biking

I said that I gonna post more frequently, so here we go.


This is just a recap of my last week and an encomium to biking.

Last week was the week #1 of summer break. And yes, it’s a whole 3 months without classes or, more precisely 101 days, which are 145440 minutes and account for 27.60% of the entire year.

 I always felt pressure to use my time “effectively” and be productive.

 But you know what? I just gonna enjoy the time and do whatever I feel like doing. If it’s training, learning something new (I signed up for a 5week online psychology class starting in June), or just doing nothing. And that’s okay. As long as we feel good with what we are doing it is okay and we should not judge others by what they are doing or what they are not doing.

A wise man named Albert Einstein once said (and I know that this quote is used a lot):


Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you have to keep moving.


Literally. Just keep on biking and everything’s gonna be alright.

My hip (other side though) started bothering me again about 10 days ago. It took some courage to admit that but I am smarter now and know that I cannot pretend everything is fine if it’s not.


So, I’m currently not running but I am still slowly getting my fitness back.

About 6 weeks ago I was exhausted after 15min on the stationary bike. Last week I biked in total 430k. The human body is pretty amazing. I know it’s not super impressive and many bikers probably laugh about that, but I am still impressed that you can get your endurance back somewhat quickly after no training whatsoever.


I really learned a lot about myself during the last months, which helps me so much right now. I was concerned and upset when I admit that I should better take a break from running again, but that didn’t last long. Instead, last week I rediscovered my love for biking. I don’t pressure myself to do anything. I am not working out to burn calories or to make up for what I eat (what I definitely did) and it just feels so good.



Monday was my longest ride this year; it was unplanned, I had no food and not enough water, but I just wanted to keep going because it felt so good. So, I ended up biking for about 3:30h.


If someone would have given me a plan saying I have to do that much I probably wouldn’t have done it. I really enjoy just going by how I feel. Some bike rides end up being longer, some shorter. Sometimes my legs feel amazing and I can put a lot of pressure on the pedals and sometimes I just wanna stroll around.


 I think it evens out.


On Thursday I biked the 100k (with the car via the highway it would be way shorter) to New Smyrna Beach. Something I have wanting to do in a while. It was hot and super windy but I love discovering new trails. Plus, I saw four snakes and another turtle.


I met a friend there, we sat outside in a coffee shop in Flagler Avenue, and I enjoyed a face-to-face conversation (which I otherwise only I have with my roommates here since the last 12 weeks) and a cool coke.


I took Friday off from biking and went on a walk instead (to the bike store to get a bike pump) and I managed to face-plant on a straight sidewalk and sprain my ankle. Fortunately, it’s just swollen but doesn’t hurt too much.


However, I was back for another 100k the next day and a 70k on Sunday. I usually bike the some trail every time because it’s just the safest way to do. I see the same people on the trail and someone just saying Hello, smiling, or doing the casual biking waving thing makes me so grateful. I don’t have any friends, except for my roommates here right now which I can meet with, but


when I’m riding my bike I just feel like I’m home.


Hopefully, I'll find some biking friends soon. I'll keep you posted ;) I also have a doctors appointment on Friday and hope I can get an MRI.

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