About Me



Hey there!


I'm Meggie and I like to run.








Sometimes I like to run on trails, other times I prefer the track.

Sometimes I like to run  fast, sometimes I like to run  far. Other times I like to do both.

Sometimes I like to run by myself, other times I like company.



No matter what running day it is, I  never want to out run the joy of running because running is what I like to do. Forever.

I am currently a junoir at Stetson University, a Division I school in Deland, FL, double majoring in Chemistry and Health Sciences.


I left my home town Lemgo, in Germany in 2017 in order to pursue my academic and athletic career in the States because I got the unique opportunity to join the XC program on an athletic scholarship.


I have been doing triathlon since I am 8 years old and did not stop until I focused on running and came to Stetson.

During my triathlon time I was able to participated in the first German Triathlon League, win the national title in duathlon, and build a really strong aerobic base.

However, I am more than a runner:

I am a sister, a daugther, a friend, a motivator, and a coach.

I am a nature lover, outdoor enthusiasts, and adventurer.

And I am always honest.