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Running · 11/10/2019
It was that kind of week again: Raceweek! And not just any race week. It was CONFERENCE week The race we have been training for all summer, the race we have been talking about the last weeks, the race we marked in our calendars with many exclamation points. Short: Conference is the race, where it counts, where every other runner you pass counts to put your school in the best spot possible. To beat as many other of the 8 others schools. It is nice to run PRs and have good races during the...
Running · 10/12/2019
It was that kind of week again: Raceweek. 5k at the FSU (Florida State University) Invite in Tallahasse on Friday morning. 5k that show how fit you are, how good your training has been, and how bad do you want it. All of those I questioned. Am I Fit? I am not quite sure. Since the last race in Charlotte I have been feeling sluggish during all of my runs. On top of that, I got sick at the beginning of the week and had to take two days off. After a really poor interval workout on Wednesday, I had...

Running · 09/28/2019
College Running is, let's just say, special: 2 days on the road, including 16 hours on the van, one night in a hotel for (spoiler) 18:26min total on the racecourse. Wow. That's exactly 0.75%. Pretty efficient :D Well, I guess it is my fault if I run that fast but it's Division I XC racing and not just a random easy run.
Life · 09/07/2019
As mentioned in my previous blogpost, I found shelter by my friend Nina. Nina and I know each other from the good, old triathlontimes back home in Germany. She also decided to pursue her athletic carrer in the States and chose to make Springfield, Missouri, her new home. There are five different universities and colleges and Missouri. One of them is Drury University.

It's been a while sicne my last blogpost... I've been busy training and logging miles. In addition, I ran a few road races and studied for my fitnesstrainer license.
It's my last month at home before the semster starts again. I spend this past weekend in Bavaria with my parents. After a 6 hour drive we arrived in Waldersloh (a city I've haven't heard of before either), where we stayed for two nights in a really nice Airbnb. Late in the evening, we drove to Bad Alexandersbad (another small twon without any exciting touristic attractions :D) to get my race bib. I would cross the finish line here the next day. The start, however, was in Leupoldsdorf. My first...

I just realized that it has been a while sicne my last blogpost. The free time flies by. Although it's not actually free time...I have so much to do! I am logging my miles on the road as well as on the trails and work on my strength in the gym. I am so motivated and mxed up the routine with two races.
Running · 10/08/2017
Yes. I'm "Back on Track". Okay, not really. I'm back on the grass. Yesterday, we travelled to Orlando. While driving on the highway, Orlando look really pretty with its lights. One of my teammates was like: Hold on. Are we in Vegas?!

Life · 09/16/2017
That's just a short post with a few pictures from Tallahassee. Maybe you wonder: Why is she taking pictures of that? It's nothing exciting. Trust me, for Europeans all of that is really exciting.
Yes, I am back in Florida. I am sitting on my seat at the bus and use some time of the 5 and a half hour drive to blog about the last days. We were lucky. I am lucky. Too many people were not. Lucky to be part of this team and the opportunity to be safe during the hurricane. And even more: I had a great time. We stayed in nice hotels, had good food, and great company. And of course: really good training! I am happy that coach does not only sees us as athletes but also takes of our well-being....

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