ASUN XC Conference in Fort Myers

It was that kind of week again: Raceweek! And not just any race week. It was




The race we have been training for all summer,

the race we have been talking about the last weeks,

the race we marked in our calendars with many exclamation points.


Short: Conference is the race, where it counts, where every other runner you pass counts to put your school in the best spot possible. To beat as many other of the 8 others schools.

It is nice to run PRs and have good races during the season, but performing and being the fittest at that day is the ultimate goal.

In addition, the top 14 individual runners can earn "All Conference" honors


I definitely had my eyes on the price.

Going into the race my time from FSU three weeks ago ranked me on place 14.


However, rankings are just rankings and it matters how you perform the day of championships.

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FSU Invite: Way to Go

It was that kind of week again: Raceweek. 5k at the FSU (Florida State University) Invite in Tallahasse on Friday morning.


 5k that show how fit you are,  how good your training has been, and how bad do you want it.


All of those I questioned.

Am I Fit?  I am not quite sure. Since the last race in Charlotte I have been feeling sluggish during all of my runs. On top of that, I got sick at the beginning of the week and had to take two days off. After a really poor  interval workout on Wednesday, I had no idea how to get through a 5k race.

Did I train smart? That depends on the definition. Quantitative? Oh, hell no. My weekly mileage is ridiculous since I am back at running after my six weeks off due to injury. In order to make up for it, at least to some degree, I try to focus on all those little things such as stretching, nutrition, hydration, and regeneration.

Keeping in mind: Better undertrained than overtrained.

How bad do I want it? We will see...


On Thursday we left campus at 10am with the van heading to   Tallahassee. All 8 girls were going on the trip (yes: we are down to 8...four girls quit).

I missed two exams that day, Physics and Anatomy, but you know athletics beats academics.

Or something close to that :D

We arrived at the Apalachee Regional State Park after about four hours of driving.

Nothing new for me since I have been running here for regionals last year.


We did an easy 5k jog on the course to get the legs loose from the drive...I also tried to get rid of my worries and anxiety concerning the race the upcoming day.


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It's been a while sicne my last blogpost...


I've been busy training and logging miles. In addition, I ran a few road races and studied for my fitnesstrainer license.

About a week after my half in Wiesbaden, I toed the line  in Wöbbel to move my legs a bit faster over the 8k distance.

The weather was great and I was excited! The course was hilly and I finished in 29:53min as the 1st woman.

I was 50sek faster compared to last year!


Another week later, another race. This time (07/22) in Schieder. It was the last race of a running series which included 3 differenct races every Friday at 7pm. Unfortunately, I missed the first race of the series since I ran in Wiesbaden. So, I had no chance to win the series...

However, I was motivated. The course was 8.4k long My legs were dead towards the end.

I still finished first place in a time of  30:53min.


That was a lot of racing in the last weeks...


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Trip to Fichtelgebirge: Running and Some Hills

It's my last month at home before the semster starts again.

I spend this past weekend in Bavaria with my parents.


After a 6 hour drive we arrived in Waldersloh (a city I've haven't heard of before either), where we stayed for two nights in a really nice Airbnb.


Late in the evening, we drove to Bad Alexandersbad (another small twon without any exciting touristic attractions :D) to get my race bib. I would cross the finish line here the next day.

The start, however, was in Leupoldsdorf. My first race which was a point-to-point race.

Pretty cool. I was excited!

Saturday morning, my parents and I drove to the the start which was supposed to be at 11am.

The start of the halfmarathon was also the half mark of the marathon which was an out-and-back course.

Since the marathon started at 9am, we could cheer on the marathon runners as they passed our starting line.

I told myself: I only have to run have their distance! That won't be too bad.

Still, it was a halrf marathon.

As more and more runners passed by, I got eager to run myself.

The weather was perfect. I did not warm up since I wanted to use the first flat 3k as my warm up.

The start was alright but it took a while for the biker who was supposed to bike in ront of the first women to find me.

After the first 3k the hills started. Although there was no major steep hill, there was no flat part either.

The temperatures, however, were nice. Since the course was completely in the forest, we had a lot of shade.

I was running by myself but had three runners in sight distance in front of me.


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Mixing It Up: Road Race in Bentfeld and Trailrun Wiesbaden

I just realized that it has been a while sicne my last blogpost.

The free time flies by.

Although it's not actually free time...I have so much to do!

I am logging my miles on the road as well as on the trails and work on my strength in the gym.

I am so motivated and mxed up the routine with two races.


The decision to race in  Bentfeld  was really spontaneuos. I started over the 10k distance. In 2013

I did the 5k. It's crazy that this is already 5 years ago.

I cannot remember much from that only the fact that I won beer but they took it away for the picture sicne I was underaged. I guess no one was expecting that a 15-year old would win.


This year, I did not win beer....but I gained a lot of confidence.

The atmosphere at those small local races is always great. I love it. It was hot and many people on the start line complained about humidity. Well....they've probably never been to Florida.

The gun went off at 7pm and I ran the 10k really consistantly. I actually had a guy running with me until 6k.

The course was an out-and-back. So, I had many people cheer for me on the way back, which was so motivating!

Although I was out of breathe I managed to smile all the way.

I finished in 38:22min, 1st woman, and 5th overall.

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